TXA plus diluted-epinephrine decreased blood loss in TKA

Local application of tranexamic acid plus diluted-epinephrine decreased postoperative blood loss and reduced the possibility of homologous blood transfusion following total knee arthroplasty, according to study results.

Researchers randomly assigned 100 patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty (TKA) for primary osteoarthritis of the knee to receive either tranexamic acid (TXA) plus diluted-epinephrine (DEP) or TXA alone.

Results showed, compared with TXA alone, the TXA plus DEP group experienced lower hemoglobin (Hb) loss on the third day, hidden blood loss and calculated blood loss. Although researchers found fewer transfusions in the TXA plus DEP group, the difference between the groups was not significant. Overall, the TXA plus DEP group had two symptomatic deep venous thrombosis vs. none in the TXA group, and both groups did not experience any pulmonary emboli, according to study results. – by Casey Tingle

Source: Healio
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