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Out Patient Oxford Unicompartmental Arthroplasty

Unlike Total Knee Replacement Surgery in which the entire knee joint is exposed and resurfaced, Partial Knee Replacement Surgery preserves the healthy regions of the knee joint in a minimally invasive technique.

Many patients with knee arthritis have involvement of only one side (medial or lateral) of the joint while the remaining portions of the knee are without disease. These patients may be candidates for Uni-condylar Knee Replacement Surgery (UKA).

There are certain benefits to this approach. The surgery overall is less invasive because the entire knee joint does not need to be exposed. As a result, the recovery is much quicker than with conventional Total Knee Replacement. Patients will also state that the Partial Knee Replacement feels “more like a normal knee” and this is because mechanically, the knee functions close to the patients original knee.

Because the procedure is less invasive and less painful, this surgery can be safely performed on an outpatient basis in selective patients. UKA patients have a rapid recovery and quick return to activities of daily living.

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